Pár napja írtam róla, hogy megjelent a WooCommerce 3.3. Azonnal elkezdtük tesztelgetni és szinte minden oldalnál problémák jöttek elő a megjelenésben. 

Nem sokkal a kiadás után visszavonták a 3.3-as verziót, ami jó döntés volt: https://woopress.hu/woocommerce-3-3-elhalasztva/

Nem kellett sokáig várni, ma már elérhető a javított verziót. Jó tesztelgetést!

Frissítések (angolul): 

* Fix - Added `woocommerce_output_product_categories` to replace `woocommerce_product_subcategories` function to prevent outdated theme template files from outputting categories on the shop and category pages in err.
* Fix - Prevented columns from being set to anything lower than 1.
* Fix - Added extra error checking in Webhooks API to prevent notices when deleting Webhooks.
* Fix - Prevented list table classes being loaded multiple times. This also fixes compatibility with Smart Coupons extension.
* Fix - Removed stray debug string from order email template and fixed some typos.
* Fix - Set up the loop when calling wc_get_loop_prop. Fixes compatibility with some themes.
* Fix - Remove multiple application of filter 'woocommerce_order_item_product'.
* Fix - Protect against theme support being defined too late. Fixes some issues with custom themes defining WooCommerce support incorrectly.
* Fix - Add fallback for themes that just get the pagination template.
* Fix - Made the on-the-fly image regen also regenerate missing sizes.
* Fix - Fixed missing user_id in webhook migration script.
* Fix - Allow uncategorized category to be sorted like the others.
* Fix - If theme support changes, we may need to flush permalinks since some are changed based on this flag.
* Fix - Fire hooks for pagination etc only when pagination is enabled.
* Fix - Default HTML in end wrapper template.
* Fix - Prevent regular pagination showing on archives for unsupported themes.
* Fix - Fix shop when shown as homepage in unsupported themes.
* Fix - Fix SKU mapping for placeholders during CSV import.
* Fix - Use CRUD search helper in admin products table so partial SKU search works.
* Fix - Fix bulk sale/regular price percentage handling.
* Fix - More specificity on smallscreen style override for columns.
* Tweak - Add notice for moved store notice setting.
* Tweak - Allow removing coupons on editable orders only.
* Tweak - Extended the background processing library to avoid changing methods in the library.
* Tweak - Do not show row settings if something is managing the number of products per page.
* Tweak - Allow devs to add 'no-link' class to elements to prevent order view link being triggered on row click.
* Tweak - Made woocommerce_resize_images filter more useful by calling it later.
* Tweak - Revert default columns back to 4 so it's consistent with 3.2.